Age 3

At age 3, children are engaged in activities that encourage them to explore the world. The big ideas of the lessons include:

  • Using My Senses
    Children learn about their five senses.
  • Outside My Door
    Children use their senses in daily experiences.
  • We're Detectives!
    Children investigate nature.
  • Weather Report
    Children talk about different kinds of weather.
  • All Year Long
    Children learn how weather affects the environment.
  • Seasons Change
    Children discover how and why the seasons change.
  • I Love Animals
    Children share what they like about animals.
  • Animals We Know
    Children see and discuss familiar animals.
  • Animals on Land and Sea
    Children learn about animals in the wild.
  • I Can Build
    Children explore making and building things.
  • Build with Me
    Children work together to solve a problem.
  • Everybody Builds
    Children plan together to accomplish a big job.
  • Country Life
    Children learn about life and animals on a farm.
  • The Busy, Busy City
    Children find out about the bustle of city life.
  • To Market, To Market
    Children discover how products get to market.

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