Age 4

At age 4, children are engaged in activities that encourage creativity, teamwork, and that reveal how time changes the world around them–and how it changes them, too! The big ideas of the lessons include:

  • Move with Me
    Children investigate ways to move their bodies.
  • Here We Go!
    Children describe their plans and movements.
  • Follow the Leader
    Children move and play together.
  • I'm Growing Every Day
    Children observe how they have changed over time.
  • Everything Changes
    Children learn that nature changes, too.
  • Look, It's Spring!
    Children investigate signs of growth in spring.
  • Now I Know My ABCs
    Children show the letters they have learned.
  • We Count!
    Children demonstrate their abilities in math.
  • Off to Kindergarten!
    Children prepare for their next school experience.

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